By: Blair Neher Jul 1, 2021

Why websites are still crucial for local businesses in a digital age

It’s a question that has often plagued small business owners and digital marketers since perhaps the dawn of the internet. Does my business really need a website? The short answer is yes, but the requirements that come along with building a unique, well-branded website designed to connect and engage with your audience may seem daunting. In reality, every business (regardless of industry, service, or size) may be missing out on opportunities that come from the extensive reach of the internet.

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By: Blair Neher Oct 12, 2015

The 11 Important Components of a Small Business Website

Thanks to the advent of the Internet, connecting with prospective customers represents a different type of proposition than it once did. Even small businesses and start-ups need to have a website that handles a number of critical functions, including acting as a marketing tool, point of sale, means of contact and source of information. While operating a website allows a business owner to handle this type of work at a lower cost than any other medium, it also places more...

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By: Blair Neher Mar 8, 2012

The Downfalls Of Using Free Website Builders

It is all too often that we see many individuals, and sometimes even companies, fall prey to advertising claims and marketing pitches of free website builder providers.  For most of these subscribers, pricing or cost has become the primary consideration without placing ample value of specific repercussions of using these types of services. There is also a growing belief that free builders are ideal for personal websites and small businesses.  However, by examining known drawbacks of these types of services...

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By: Blair Neher Feb 22, 2011

Lies that Search Marketing Companies Tell

I found this article written by AdHustler, a well known internet marketer in the affiliate space.  Unfortunately, he hit the nail on the head with this post.  We have heard some pretty far fetched "facts" when it comes to Search Marketing.  Its a shame to see small businesses get taken by misinformation. As AdHustler says, these claims are outrageous. Like any industry, there are snakes and sharks and then there are companies who are honest and transparent. Lies told by...

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