A beautiful and functional website is no good to you or your organization if it doesn’t get traffic.

One of the most efficient and effective methods to generate focused traffic is Search Engine Optimization. Our SEO campaigns aim to connect you with the customers who are already searching for your products and services on internet search engines such as Google and Bing. Talking Monkey Media specializes in both Local and National SEO, and we’re accomplished at identifying the right strategy for your business. In short, we improve where you rank when someone searches for your products and services, and we improve how you look when you do show up.


Audit and Research

We’ll thoroughly audit your website for content, structure, mark-up data, site speed, keywords, and issues. We’ll research your business, its competitors, products and services, and its customers. Your Google My Business and other valuable public internet properties and listings get special treatment as we analyze them for accuracy, completeness, and optimizations. We’ll then audit and research your search engine rankings, backlinks, and visibility. And finally, we’ll have collaborative discovery sessions to determine your goals, what’s important to your business and its success.

Formulating a Plan

With our research in hand, we’ll formulate a customized strategy plan to accomplish your SEO goals. ​ This is where you step in to work with us as we review the plan to make sure it aligns with your desired goals, vision, and needs. After this review we’ll adjust the plan so it’s a perfect fit for you.


Here’s where we put the plan into action. With us, a strategic plan is never just words on paper. With our expertise and infrastructure, we have the ability to deliver every element of the plan so that you can start getting the results you’re seeking. Whether it’s more visibility, new customers, increased repeat business or expanded markets, we make sure your plan is well-executed and delivers tangible results.

Measure Results

Finally, we take a look back, examining all we’ve done to evaluate how well the campaign has worked for you. At this stage, we can make further tweaks and adjustments to refine and improve your results.