By: Blair Neher Aug 24, 2022

Talking Monkey Media, a Jotform Solutions Partner

Are you tired of wasting time on paper forms? Convert them to digital forms! Talking Monkey Media is a solutions Partner with Jotform. Our company will help you digitize all of your paper forms and introduce new methods to get the most out of your time. Each form is highly customizable and can be designed to meet your unique needs. Need your forms HIPAA compliant? No problem, Jotform is the solution for you, and our team is ready to help.

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By: Blair Neher Jun 2, 2022

Using Google Reviews to Boost your Google Business

Boosting Digital Success with Google Business: The Complete Guide: Part 3 Google My Business is an amazing platform for all kinds of businesses. You have full control over your listing, providing your customer base and potential clients with accurate, credible information, like your contact information, store hours and location. One function of Google My Business that business owners can't control, however, is online reviews. Google Reviews appear directly under the listing itself and cannot be deleted by the business owner..

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By: Blair Neher May 26, 2022

Getting started with Google Business

Boosting Digital Success with Google Business: The Complete Guide: Part 2 As discussed in the first installment of our Google Business series, using and optimizing the GMB platform for your business is critical. In addition, keeping your Google Business listing up-to-date and credible doesn't take a ton of maintenance on your part. Once you've set up your listing, you only need to give it a weekly check or update it as needed. Setting up your Google Business account 1. Sign.

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By: Blair Neher Mar 22, 2022

Why a Google Business Listing is Essential for Every Business, Organization, and Professional

We’ve all come to know and love the powerful, scarily-smart search engine tool that is Google. Powered by AI and perfected by algorithms, Google pulls up millions of search results within a fraction of a second whenever your curiosity strikes. You can search for anything and everything and even if Google can’t find the exact result you’re looking for, you’re more than likely to find a webpage, image, video or even product description that matches your search closely. But, did you know Google extends beyond just providing search results?

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By: Blair Neher Nov 19, 2021

Announcing SEMRush Agency Partnership

We are super excited to announce that Talking Monkey Media is an official agency partner with SEMRush. SEMRush is the premier tool suite in the Digital Marketing space and it’s an honor to be recognized as one of their official partners!

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By: Blair Neher Sep 7, 2021

Content Marketing Starts with your Website

It goes without saying that we believe a Content Marketing Strategy is essential to every business and their digital marketing campaign. And it all starts with your website. Your website is the cornerstone of your digital marketing presence, and its contents are the core of your content marketing strategy.

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By: Blair Neher Aug 3, 2021

Growing Your Non-Profit with SEO Basics

Exposure and awareness are the first steps to growth for a Non-Profit. Positioning your Non-Profit to be easily found on the internet via Search Engine Optimization is an excellent way to increase exposure and awareness.

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