By: Blair Neher Oct 12, 2015

The 11 Important Components of a Small Business Website

Thanks to the advent of the Internet, connecting with prospective customers represents a different type of proposition than it once did. Even small businesses and start-ups need to have a website that handles a number of critical functions, including acting as a marketing tool, point of sale, means of contact and source of information. While operating a website allows a business owner to handle this type of work at a lower cost than any other medium, it also places more...

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By: Blair Neher Mar 8, 2012

The Downfalls Of Using Free Website Builders

It is all too often that we see many individuals, and sometimes even companies, fall prey to advertising claims and marketing pitches of free website builder providers.  For most of these subscribers, pricing or cost has become the primary consideration without placing ample value of specific repercussions of using these types of services. There is also a growing belief that free builders are ideal for personal websites and small businesses.  However, by examining known drawbacks of these types of services...

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By: Blair Neher Aug 17, 2011

Richmond, Va – The City For Small Business

For those who are unfamiliar with Richmond, it is the capital of the Commonwealth of Virginia.  It is an independent city which means it does not fall under the jurisdiction of any county.  This means that Richmond small business owners pay their taxes directly to the city and benefit directly from the city’s laws on business and taxation. As part of the Richmond Metropolitan Statistical Area as well as the Greater Richmond area, it hosts a population of about 1.2...

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By: Blair Neher Jul 18, 2011

The Google Panda Update vs The Small Business

If you pay any attention to search or tech news, then you have probably heard the term  “Google Panda Update”. While its hard to keep up all the changes to the secret Google search algorithm, the Panda update is a major change to the way search results are calculated. The Google Panda Update is trolling through cyberspace realigning rankings of websites, sending minor tremors through website owners and SEOs across the net. It is, possibly, the most dramatic and documented...

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By: Blair Neher Jun 28, 2011

New custom TLD’s Explained in 6 minutes

There has been quite a "buzz" about the recent announcement by ICANN on the new custom TLDs.  To catch everyone up, TLDs are Top Level Domains currently located at the end of domain names., .net, .org  Up till now, there has been a predefined set of TLDs you can use to create your domain name.  ICANN, the organization that regulates TLDs, has announced they will start offering custom TLDs to the masses. Ex: .product or .awesome.   The following...

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