Lies that Search Marketing Agencies Tell
By: Blair Neher Feb 22, 2011

Lies that Search Marketing Companies Tell

I found this article written by AdHustler, a well known internet marketer in the affiliate space.  Unfortunately, he hit the nail on the head with this post.  We have heard some pretty far fetched “facts” when it comes to Search Marketing.  Its a shame to see small businesses get taken by misinformation. As AdHustler says, these claims are outrageous. Like any industry, there are snakes and sharks and then there are companies who are honest and transparent.

Lies told by Search Marketing Companies

  • Everyone showing up on the page pays the same amount per click
  • Ads in position 5 get 60% of the clicks
  • We are best to manage your campaign because the search engines charge us less per click because we do volume
  • We can sell you position 1 for “keyword” for $250/month
  • We can host your landing page on our “trusted” domain and that will get you much cheaper clicks
  • Most people searching for your keyword will use a geotagged keyword along with what they are looking for ie. “exterminator in San Diego, CA” (Totally not true)
  • The more paid search you do the better your website will rank organically
  • By having logos on your website like “featured in such and such news source” you will get more & cheaper clicks
  • Your cost per click will always be the same
  • We manage all of your competitors campaigns so we are obviously the best company to go with

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When you are shopping Search Marketing Agencies, keep transparency and proven results at the top of your must haves.